Pitcher's Thoughts On The Upcoming Match

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Pitcher's Thoughts On The Upcoming Match

Post by Gast on Tue Feb 16, 2010 10:47 am

We go to the backstage area and Bobby Black is shown standing near the locker room, with mic in hand.

Moments later, the door opens and out steps Lightning Pitcher.

Pitcher: Do I know you?

Black: Sir, I'm Bobby Black, the backstage interviewer...

Pitcher: Yeah I know, I was only playing with ya!

Black: Can I get your thoughts on your upcoming match?

Pitcher: Well I see that our GM has put me in a match against a guy called Gorm Steelfist....... A guy I've never spoken to..... A guy I've never even met, but that's sure to all change when we hit the ring, and we'll sure do more than "speak" to each other....

People have told me to be scared of this guy, he has a pretty dark past.... So should I be scared?.... Yeah probably!

Will I be scared though?..... Hell no!

Lightning Pitcher takes the mic away from Bobby Black and looks directly into the camera.

Pitcher: Gorm Steelfist, I don't care about your dark past.... beating on your teachers. I don't care how many times you spanked Mrs. Cherrybottom.... it doesn't faze me!

You see Gorm Steelfist, I know plenty about you..... but what do you know about me...... absolutely NOTHING!

But don't worry, you'll get to know me better at Maximum Carnage....Because I'm gonna walk down to that ring, look you in the eyes, face-to-face and then shove my boot up your ass!

Pitcher pauses for a moment and looks to one side before looking back into the camera.

Pitcher: Gorm.... I don't have a past as bloody as yours, but I guarantee, by the time our fight is over, you'll wish you were still in your past! ...... And the only blood you'll be sniffing is your own!

Your night.....will be far from perfect...... where as mine..... will be Pitcher Perfect!

Lightning Pitcher then pushes the mic into Bobby Black's chest and walks off without looking back.

**End Of Segment**


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