Stone Cold Gary Barnes

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Stone Cold Gary Barnes

Post by Gast on Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:00 pm

The Biggest backstabber you ever seen, A very sneaky character that likes to manipulate others to do his dirty work for him. Always dresses in a suit and tie with a pair of shades covering his usually bloodshot eyes, but when it comes time to preform he can turn it on and wresltes in 1 of his own SCGB t-shirts and a pair of jeans cut at the knees.

Bio: Born in Lisburn Northern Ireland, Stone Cold Gary Barnes grew in during the tail end of ''The Troubles'' in his country, determined to break away from this living hell he and his crew done a robbery making away with several thousand notes, Barnes was the only 1 that put his ''loot'' to good use and formed a wreslting promotion called Northern Irish Championship Wreslting (NICW) and went to work raising up through the ranks eventually to the forefront of the business. Where he is still there today. But Stone Cold soon wanted to try his hand out in not just his own promotion but another one aswell and after much time spent searching for that promotion... Stone Cold Gary Barnes has arrived in Maximum Action Wreslting (MAW) which is run by an old friend called Booker T. The Next chapter in Stone Cold Gary Barnes's career is about to unfold and the only way to find ouy what happens next is to tune into MAW.


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