Interview before the fight

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Interview before the fight

Post by Gorm Steelfist on Thu Feb 11, 2010 11:04 pm

Carrie the interviewer is visiting Gorm in his backstage room before the match against Lightning pitcher

Carrie: So, Gorm. What are your thoughts on the fight tonight? Are you afraid of God of war hammer? Or that he will open Hells doors?

Gorm laughs gently while putting on his mask

Gorm: Quite frankly, I'm looking forward to see what this kid can do... But in the end, there's nothing he can do about the Razorfist... It will hit him hard and it will hit him fast, he won't even see it coming... I Will leave that ring victorious tonight, and I WILL leave that little pushover bleeding in the ring! That I promise!

Carrie: Isn't that a bit much? I mean... You CAN win the fight without bursting your opponent open? It isn't
Gorm:(Interrupts) Don't you tell me how to fight woman! *Pokes Carrie in the chest* I don't care if you don't feel that it's right to do so, but that's how I fight! It ain't a fight if nobodys bleedin'! And better him than me!

Gorm puts on his beloved red glove,* flexes his muscles and streches his legs, then leaves the room and walks towards the ring

Gorm:(Over the shoulder while walking out the door) Sorry about the tone, but I really don't like it when people tell me that wounding is bad

As Gorm leaves his room, his nurse Mary runs up to him and tries to rip off his glove

Mary: Ooooh no! Not this fight too! Take it off! It is inhumane! Take it off!

Gorm: Jesus christ! You scared the living hell outta me woman! Get off me!

Gorm pushes Mary away and grumbles some of his favorite danish swear words

Gorm: I'll put it away when I reach the ring! I promise! Now RELAX!

Mary: Don't you run away from a promise! And don't use it!

Gorm just chuckles and makes his way towards the ring

*: The red leather glove with 3 blunt razor-blades stuck to the knuckles, the razors look blood-stained and worn, but it is still a cruel weapon
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