Pitcher's First Look Around

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Pitcher's First Look Around

Post by Gast on Thu Feb 11, 2010 4:14 pm

8:10 a.m

Other than a few staff members, the building is completely empty. A blue Lamborghini Gallardo pulls up into the car park and stops near the main arena entrance.

The car remains parked for around two minutes before one of MAW's newest roster members steps out - Lightning Pitcher!

He locks his car and makes his way towards the arena entrance. After walking up a stepway, finds himself standing underneath the TitanTron.

Pitcher pauses for a moment, looking around at all the empty seats around the arena and then begins to walk down the rampway.

He reaches the ring, pauses once again before walking around the outside of the ring, observing it's structure.

He heads back up the ramp and stops again just before the exit. He looks back once and then nods his head a couple of times before leaving the ringside area.

A moment later, Pitcher then approaches his car...

Just as he's about to get in, he hears someone calling from a distance:

Lightning Pitcher!...........Lightning Pitcher!

A gentleman holding a microphone, followed by a camera crew runs up to Lightning Pitcher. It turns out to be the backstage interviewer, Bobby Black!

Black: I was just wondering if I could have a quick chat?

Pitcher looks at Bobby and smirks....

Pitcher: Yeah sure pal, there's a brick wall over there....

Lightning Pitcher then gets into his car and speeds off, leaving Bobby Black stood scratching his head with a blank look upon his face.


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