Welcome visit to Dr. Richard Taylor (open to Speedy Pete)

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Welcome visit to Dr. Richard Taylor (open to Speedy Pete)

Post by Panzer on Mon Feb 08, 2010 2:29 pm

Dr. Richard Taylor is treating a heavily musceled man, the guy is still sweating and blood is driping to the floor, he is anxious to leave the room.

Dr. Richard Taylor: Sit down now! You are not going anywhere, mister Panzer!

Takes out his pen light and examines Panzer`s eyes and scars.

Panzer: Damn it! It`s just a scratch, I can not let people know that after every little incident I run to you, I got a reputation to keep, do you get me?

Dr. Richard Taylor: Now wait a minute! I suspect you got a major concussion, I am afraid you are going to stay here for a while, under my surveillance.

Doctor touches Panzer`s head and gently knocks on it, a hollow metallic sound echos back.

Dr. Richard Taylor: What the hell?!?!

Panzer grins with mouth and teeth painted with blood.

Panzer: Got banged up pretty bad back in service. I got a armoured plate in my head..HAHAHA! You see armoured plate, Panzer..see the connection.

Panzer starts laughing so hard and loud that drops of blood fly out his mouth to Doctor`s suit, Doctor is looking at him worriedly and shakes his head.

Panzer: It gets me everytime then i see a doctor! you should have seen your face.
*Knocking on his head*

Dr. Richard Taylor: Oh god, where do the managers find such wrecks like you. I have to take M.R.I shots of your brain.. *to him self* ...in your case to see if any screws are loose.

Panzer keeps laughing and continues talking like he never heard what the doctor said.

Panzer: ... and the other time I was in airport, the guys were amazed, the security gates where howling, noone knew what was going on..hehe..

Dr. Richard Taylor: Now please stop your gibberish and listen to me! What happened back there?

Panzer: In the airport? Well..

Dr. Richard Taylor: No! Back in the arena

Panzer: Oh..well I practised my diving spear, then suddenly i slipped from the turnbuckle and smashed my head against the staires.

Dr. Richard Taylor: That`s enough, i get the picture. *Takes out the pen light*
Let me see those eyes again.

He leans Panzer`s head a bit backward, at the same moment Panzer passes out and falls on the exam table.

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