Cybernetic Warrior [Cyber T]

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Cybernetic Warrior [Cyber T]

Post by Cyba on Mon Feb 08, 2010 2:09 pm

Wrestler Name: Cyber T
Alignment: Face at first when he debuts, when time pass, he will become Heel
Born in Bangkok,Thailand
Ring Attire:variety color of shorts+3-D Glasses

He's well known for his Muay Thai ability and his strange attire of what seem to be 3-D glasses [scouter or whatever].
Cyber T seem to be a good guy at first but when time pass, fans will see his true self.
Cyber T got a funny kind of taunt, before he going to perform his finisher he will do some strange taunt for some reason, he seem to think that it help him increase his power and always shout out the same time he doing this taunt, ACTIVATE Cyber Powers, that what he said, from now onward, we will see how this Cybernetic Warrior do in MAW
About the player of Cyber T
HE is just a schoolboy [17 years old] that need to be in university soon.
Do not forget that after all he is Thai, and he doesn't know much about ENG language,so please be patient with me Wink

Oh and my nickname is Trust that where the big T in the name Cyber T came from Very Happy

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Re: Cybernetic Warrior [Cyber T]

Post by Booker T on Mon Feb 08, 2010 9:43 pm

Welcome Cyber T, nice to have you here, and nice pic with the scouter on his head Razz

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