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Douchbaq alias Frank Knochenbrecher is the name of the hotest of all the hotheads in MAW, maybe of the hole world, or so he acts .. He was at young age arrested for bashing up a kid in the subway, and by the laws of the new Juvenile law, being placed under the care of a mentor ...

Unfortunatly, this mentor was a boxing trainer and his usual method for keeping hotheads out of the fire was ofcouse boxing. Young Frank was unusual keen to boxing, accually too keen, and by the time he was 16 he was thrown out of the German Boxing association for breaking an arm in a fight with another boy. After this Frank was quickly falling into his bad habbits again and it wasnt long after his disgraceful dismiss that he again found himself doing harm to the society. When he one night was riding the berlin subway to a suburban north of Berlin he as usual got bored but, as usual he knew how to spend his time. he walked through the train towards the back when he found a man sitting for himself in a coupé. Frank paced over to the man, a slight smile on his lips.
When he reached the man Frank rolled his shoulder as he always did before a mocking and laid and hand on the mans shoulder. The secound it touched the man sprang up and grabbed it and before Frank knew it he was hanging upside down head in the train. Frank stole a quick glance at his sorroundings before being smashed to the metal floor of the carrige.

When Frank next time opened his eyes he was truely confused, looking around didnt help his state of mind. He raised himself from the floor after a few failed attempts and looked around, this wasnt the train coupé where he passed out, was it a boxing ring? it could be but it looked wrong, bigger, more ... well different. Frank walked to the ring and started sliding under the ropes when he felt a tug in his boots, he turned to face the man who he had last seen hold Frank over his own head.

Frank:"What the hell... who the hell... whats going on here?
"Well, thats what you get for trying to put a hand on me boy, better think twice next time. Im Ludwig Helborg and this is my area."
Frank: "Your WHAT? where am I, and how did i get here? the only arena around where im going is the wrestling arena owned by some old american"
Ludwig: "Well im certainly not as young as i used to be but old? And american now thats an insult i can pass without teaching you something".

As Ludwig advanced on Frank he placed himself in a sitdown position and when he was a arms lenght from him pushed himself to bash his shoulder into Ludwigs abdom. he winched as the air was slammed out of his lungs and fell to the floor.

Frank:"Youll not get me like that twice old man, and if you dont step back im gonna have to start doing some damage."
Ludwig:"Easy now lad, no reason to get yourself in deeper then you already are, and if you just take that American back im sure you can leave here almost undamaged."
Frank:"Well why dont you try and make me, i aint taking nothing back till its proven im wrong and so far you aint fighting like no german."

With a sudden fury Ludwig lauched himself at Frank, but slipped in as he charged him. Frank to advantage of the sitaution and slammed himself once again should first to meet ludwigs falling body with a "hurph" the air was yet again blown out of Ludwigs lungs. As Frank pushed himself from the floor with his legs, he toppled Ludwig so he landed back first on the floor of the arena. Frank sat on his upper body arms holding down Ludwigs.

Frank:"Give me one good reason not to bash out your head."
Ludwig:"What gotten into you buy? Why the sudden rage?

Frank hadnt realized himself but he was shivering with anger and his knockles was white from the tight grib he made on Ludwigs arms. What was the matter with him he ask himself? Then he realized that the last time he had fought was when he was kicked out of the boxing assosiation.
Ludwig seemed to have noticed something was up.

Ludwig:"Hey kid let go of me and then we can work things out ok? lets forget this hole insident."
Frank:"Who do you call a kid?"

Frank headbutted Ludwig clear in the face and he was knocked out cold. "damn" thought Frank to himself as he pulled himself up be the rails of the stair nearby. shouldnt have done that last thing, well better leg it while i can. As he stepped over the unconscious form of ludwig a hand cought his leg

Ludwig:" Are you running now"

And so began Frank his wrestling career, by bashing up an old fool. 8 Years later he sets for america, now just as restless as he was back then, but now even more hotheaded and voilent becouse of the neglected mind of the boy. As long as Ludwig shows the boy the how to step he seems to be able to be calm, but when the trainer is missing out on a fight havoc is raised ..

Hope you like it, its as good as it get for now, but let me know if you have improvements Razz
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