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Johnny Blaze

Post by Johnny Blaze on Thu Feb 04, 2010 6:41 pm

Johnny Blaze
age: 29
height: 6 foot
weight: 215 lbs
hair color: black

bio: Johnny Blaze was raised in foster homes throughout his childhood years. His parents died in a tragic house fire when JB was only 9 years old. Its rumored that he started the fire himself but the police could find no evidence of foul play. Since none of his family was willing to take him in he became a ward of the state. JB bounced around from home to home usually never staying anywhere for more then 6 months at a time. The last place he stayed at was the home of a sadistic old woman who used to punish JB by putting out cigarettes on body. At the time JB was 16 and he ran away. He ended up joining a local street gang that he ended up leading a few months later. They were notorious in Cleveland where they were based for shaking down local businesses for "protection" services. Whoever didn't comply with their offer had their business burnt to the ground. And sometimes their homes.
Johnny was arrested at the age of 19 for arson when he was caught trying to burn down a local wrestling gym. He spent 5 years in the penitentiary for his crime. During his time in prison he started to learn how to box. Boxing wasn't enough for JB though. He grew tired of it and wanted to do something that involved more then just punching his enemies. Also while he was in prison the old man who's gym JB had tried to burn down started a correspondence with him. he too had a rough childhood and wanted to help straighten out JB. He also probably wanted to befriend him in hopes that JB wouldn't finish the job when he got out. When JB was finally released he went back to Cleveland and started to train with the old man in his gym. JB took to wrestling like a moth to a flame. He was the old mans best pupil in a short time and had even surpassed his skills. JB was determined to go and join a federation to become a champion and be rich and powerful but the old man told him he still had a lot to learn and would not endorse him with the local venues. A week later the gym in which they trained was caught a blaze and the old man died from smoke inhalation as he tried to put out the fire. JB left Cleveland and joined the first federation that would sign him. He has bounced around from fed to fed over the years since. And now is the newest member of the MAW.


Johnny Blaze

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