Ray Pain Gimmick

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Ray Pain Gimmick

Post by Ray Pain on Thu Feb 04, 2010 1:07 pm

Ray Pain started early in his youth to wrestle with his friends in the backyard. His parents got concerned of the risks he put himself to and tried to get him interested to other hobbies by sending him to different Martial Arts classes and even a stunt school, but nothing could get him the kick that he got out of wrestling. So as soon as he finished school he went away to join diverse wrestling schools in Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico and even some dojos in Japan. All of his trainers were just as impressed as concerned about his reckless high risk wrestling style. After going through different Indy Leagues and participating in some legendary brutal fights he decided that MAW is the place for him to step up and entertain a wider audience.

For Ray Pain the 1st goal in a match is to please the fans, without taking care of himself nor his opponent. He strongly dislikes everyone that he thinks of wouldn't give 100% for a good match and to entertain the crowd. As long the match is hard and the fans happy he doesn't care much about wins or defeats or titles.

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