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Bret Hart

Post by Bret on Thu Feb 04, 2010 11:07 am

Name: Bret Hart
Real Name: Unknown
Nickname: The Hitman
Gimmick: Face, Heel, Tweener, whatever is needed...would rather start as Face.
Age: 25
Weight: 132 kg
Height: 2,05 m
Entrance video:
Allegiance: To himself
Purpose: Just fight and survive

His past is quite a mystery even to himself. All he knows is that he was part of a special task force, whose sole purpose was to eliminate the terrorist threat around the world. They were part of the Binary Helix short, lots of experimental enhancing drugs.However, something has gone horribly wrong during one mission, and the unit has disappeared. However, a couple of years later, during a raid in Bosnia, the US Delta Force recovered a soldier that was held hostage in an underground facility. He had no idea of his name, of his age, anything. All he had on him was his dog tags: "B.H. Canada 3:16". The Americans packed him to the Montreal Military HQ, considering he is their problem. But as B.H. appeared in no official records, the Canadian Military had to let him go, with nothing but his clothes and 500 canadian dollars.
Deep in his heart...he knew he was a soldier..he felt his blood burning, the anger rushing into his heart and soul..he was a hitman, a survivor. So he did what he had to survive: fought! With the few money he had, he found an underground fighting arena, bet them, and won his matches, thus getting a "better" start on his road to survival. For the next 3 years he fought in many illegal fights, fighting to survive, under the name of B.H. One day fortune smiled upon this soldier of fortune, and he was found by Stu Hart. Impressed by this young man, Stu Hart took him to the "Pit" and trained him to be a professional wrestler. He even allowed him to use his son's name, Bret Hart, only until he could find his own.
The history in the making.

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