Achtung Panzer!

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Achtung Panzer!

Post by Panzer on Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:57 am

Name: Panzer
Nickname: Prizefighter
Alignment: Face
Born: Eastern Europe
Height: 1.86 m / 6'1 feet
Weight: 97 kg / 213 lbs
Ring attire: Boxing shorts
Entrance Video:

Former soldier and kickboxer. Earned his name "Panzer" (Tank) by his berserk, destructive and self-sacrificing fighting style, rolling over his opponents like tank. After quite successful career in armed forces and kickboxing, the next logical step was to enter the wrestling world where his good friend Surik was waiting for him. A sparring partner from the kickboxing times. The rest ... the rest of history is yet unwritten...


He is a friendly guy out side the ring, simpleminded, talking gibberish, without any touch of logic. Being punched in head too many times has made his judgement abilities and wit a bit foggy.
Everything which concerns fighting in the ring he takes very seriously and is fully dedicated to destroying his opponents. Not a single inch is given away without fierce battle and every match is like the last of his career. He hates anykind of outside the ring agreements, conspiracies and wants to take no part of it, the best wrestler is choosen in a fight - man vs man (or woman). Panzer believes in the use of brute and unnecessary force - in the ring.


Introducing first, in this corner, weighing in at 213 pounds, you KNOW him, you LOVE him... the Prizefighter.......PANNNNNZER!!!

You see a heavily-musceled man jabbing at an invisble opponent and snarling threats to the air. He is eyeing your head like a punching bag and is grinning at you toothlessly.
He looks momentarily confused, as if having forgotten who he was, he sneers and continues jabbing.

Panzer 's face goes stone cold, he imitates reaching for his gun and reloading it executing The Reloading.


Wespa Drop - Panzer leans on the opponent head and
starts punching viciously and repeatedly on the opponent face.

Panzerfaust - Panzer jabs the opponent in to face and lifts the opponent on his shoulder, he runs to the corner of the ring and throws the opponent against the turnbuckle.

Assault - Panzer runs toward the opponent and strikes the opponent with his right hand on opponent`s jaw.

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