KristyDQT Gimmick + JiJi ( wife and Manager)

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KristyDQT Gimmick + JiJi ( wife and Manager)

Post by KristyDQT on Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:24 am

In-Ring name: KristyDQT

Orientation: Tweener. Could though be called Heel mostly because of his wife and manager JiJi who time after time puts her husband into trouble/matches that he himself would have rather stayed out of. From time to time this gives his rp's a comedic touch.



Entrance video 1 when JiJi hits the szene: [youtube]

Entrance video 2 for KristyDQT:

Ring Announcer: "Introducing first, the first Danish/ Filipinoooooo Superstaaaaaar of the WORLD, KristyDQT"!
a clip is aired on the titan tron, showing some of the wrestlers biggest victories and most powerful moves
sparks are showering down on kristydqt who seems to be enjoying standing in the middle of it.
KristyDQT makes his way to the ring
wearing a extremely fitting and greatlooking black Tuxedo
jumps into a flaming red ferrari 360 modena and drives around the ring
together with his sexy filipina wife, uwauwau!
just before the matchup starts four electrifying lightnings hit the ringposts, the crowd looks amazed at the sight.


Taunt 1- Fully Operational
KristyDQT Is Looking For A Real Challenge In The Audience executing A Fully Operational

Taunt 2- Al Bundy Is God
KristyDQT Makes His Impression Of Al Bundy While Sticking His Hand Down His Pants executing A Al Bundy Is God


Trademark 1- Straight To The Philippines: (Full Nelson)
KristyDQT places himself behind his opponent
blocks his arms and joining his fingers behind his rival's head, executes a strong Straight to the philippines!!

Trademark 2- Asian Beauties (Ankle Lock)
KristyDQT grabs the opponent's ankle
twisting it applying an devastating Asian beauties!!

Trademark 3- Kristin Kreuk Tribute (Vertabreaker)
KristyDQT lif his down headed opponent on his back
and slams him down by performing a devastating The kristin kreuk tribute!!


Sub Finisher 1-Fit the shoe maggie q:
KristyDQT signals JiJi to go up on the apron JiJi throws KristyDQT her left shoe while she distracts the referee
KristyDQT takes the shoe and bangs it right into his opponents face executing devastating Fit the shoe maggie q!!

Sub Finisher 2- Jamie chung makes you tap
KristyDQT looks at his opponent shakes his head in disbelief then looks in the crowd
realizes Jamie Chung is in the crowd and suddenly leaps over his opponent and applys a deadly chung facelock executing a devastating Jamie chung makes you tap

Sub Finisher 3- Wrath of kristy
KristyDQT suddenly stops and starts dancing with his wife JiJi
the dance turns into a kick in the groins followed by a harsh looking facebusterhold executing a devastating Wrath of kristy

KristyDQT is just like the entrance says the first Danish/Filipino wrestling superstar of the world. Beeing born in Meycauyan, Philippines he currently resides in Hillerød, Denmark. KristyDQT has a strong personality that sometimes gets the better of him, and from time to time also has cost him some matchups. On the other hand his wife and manager JiJi has interferred in some matchups for the benefit of her husband.
KristyDQT is a balanced wrestler who is in his early 30's. He wants to be the person that makes the important decisions in his career, but often fails to see that his wife is actually the one calling the shots. JiJi is a hot asian and at the same time a very dangerous woman who is not scared of takeing matters into her own hand if she can get away with it. In her past she has even been active in a 2 vs 2 matchup on MAW s1 Wink

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